All projects related to construction contain multiple factors and a great deal of uncertainty, generating and unrest on the owners.

In Vespra, we believe that the construction or renovation of your home must be a pleasant and problem-free experience in which you can bring your projects to reality with the peace of mind of always having control.


Our aim is to improve your customer experience and assure success in your project.

To that end, we combine a know-how accumulated during more than 50 years of experience in the construction industry with an innovative project management methodology implemented by multinational enterprises of the caliber of Shell or Vodafone, known as Prince2. By the way, do you its advantages?


Prince2 is an acronym for PRojects INControlled Environments and is perfectly aligned with ISO-21500 standard in project management. This methodology aims to turn every project entailing a great deal of variability and uncertainty into controlled environments; such as those project related to the construction industry.



In Vespra, from the receipt of the mandate to start your project, a Project Manager and a Sales Executive will be at your entire disposal to become your liaison and assure optimal communication during project execution on aspects such as:

  • Approval of products and stages.
  • Management of modifications.
  • Project process.

Furthermore, Vespra team will create a 3D design that will help you preview the end result of your house prior to execution.

As additional assurance, we offer you the possibility of having information on your project (quotations, list of materials, payment conditions, agreement, etc.) translated into your language by a sworn translator to assure maximum transparency during contracting and development.

However, if you have a holiday residence, we suggest you monitor the execution of your project from your country using our weekly progress reports and requests for approval. If you wish, we can also provide timely information to your advisor or person of trust in Spain to whom you delegate decision-making authority.

Trust the solutions Vespra offers you and enjoy your turnkey experience.